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"If you are struggling with believing, you need this book"
                                         -5 star review

This book will next level your faith and reveal how God's plan for your life is BIGGER than you think.

“I'm doing all this so you will know it is I, the God of Israel that calls you by name.”                                                                           Isaiah 45:3


Reading with Coffee
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Crystal R.

"This read is for EVERYONE but especially for anyone that may be lost in their way and finding it difficult to believe.  Highly recommended!"

Amazon Customer

"This book is so well written that it will make you feel like you are right there standing beside the author.  It's motivating, encouraging, inspiring, uplifting, jaw dropping, sad and joyous."

Sikamgila B.

"This book was encouraging, motivating and helped me reconnect with God.  This book was a pathway to righteousness.  Thank you so much."


Corion D'Shawn Reed

An Indelible Spirit

in·del·i·ble (/inˈdeləb(ə)l/) adj

not able to be forgotten or removed

Corion was born December 25, 1987 in Memphis, TN.  He was charismatic and often shared a genuine smile.  At the age of 21, he was faced with end-stage renal (kidney) failure.  Though this changed his life quickly, he continued to bring joy and peace to close family and friends.  In 2011, he received a live-donor transplant but it failed within two years.  In January 2014 tragedy struck when he suffered a sudden cardiac arrest and went without oxygen for more than an hour.  Though diagnosed with anoxic brain injury and many other illnesses, he proved to be stronger than ever in his faith.  His strength, spirit and miraculous journey are his evidence that God is real.  You don't even have to wonder.

About the Author

Chondrea Black

This is the first published work by author, Chondrea Black. She attributes her passion for writing to her mother, Jacquelyne Reed.  Black has served as contributing writer for several published projects for others and produced storybooks for her family.  She has enjoyed a lengthy career in banking and currently works as First Vice President of Credit and Compliance for Paragon Bank.  She credits her maternal grandmother, Corrine Reed Wall, for her strong spiritual foundation.  After her union to, husband, Robert Black in 1993, she joined his family church, Miracle Temple COGIC, under the leadership of Elder Sylvester Hamilton.  Here, where they also raised their children in holiness, she gained a greater understanding of scripture, salvation, righteousness and the gift of the Holy Spirit.  She is a committed servant of God and woman of great faith.

Psalm 46:5

God is within her, she shall not fall.

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