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Bible Study Notebook

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

Hey Friend,

So before you get on me for missing so long, LISTEN!!! I was inspired recently to create a great tool for you. I want to help my friends be able to take good notes and break down the word in Bible Study. So I created an 8-page guide that you can download in color or black and white to use for Bible Study starting this week.

Use this link to visit my online shop to purchase and download for only $6.99

This Bible Study Notebook gives you the space to identify the verse, characters, subject and scene of the text. You can further identify key words, questions, your AHA! Moments and more.

For a small fee, you can get organized and more importantly actually digest the word being taught this week. Be ready to tell others, what you've learned and put that knowledge to work.

It is great to know the word, but we must be able to apply that word to our everyday life. That's why I also included a section to jot down quotes and hashtags to share on social media. On the last page, I encourage you to write a prayer regarding the lesson so that you may partner with the Holy Spirit to make the word even more effective.

So go to my store and download the 8-page pdf today. While you are there, if you haven't purchased your copy of my book, please do so! I still have a few autographed paperback copies in-stock.

Let me know in the comments what you think about the Bible Study Notebook.

Talk soon Friend!

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