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Purging Season 2023

A few weeks ago I spent some time thinking about purging, as I try to do often. But this time, I decided to let others into my world to take the journey with me. For me, purging is getting rid of things that no longer serve me or that I no longer use. There are many items in my closets, drawers, kitchen, book shelves and other rooms of my house that could be of great benefit to someone else. There are also many things that can surely be thrown out and not missed by anyone. Mentally, there are thoughts, memories, past hurts, and fears that are definitely no longer serving a purpose in my life, so they can go as well!!

Holding on to things, the past, and sometimes people, keeps us from moving forward into the season God has prepared for us to flourish. As my sister said to me today, when we have some free head space, we have the capacity to be more creative, receptive and bold enough to try something new.

I am ready to open my home, my mind and my spirit for the new things God has in store for me in 2023. Are you ready??? I've already started this week. I'll be sharing pictures, thoughts, vulnerabilities and maybe even a video (who knows) on how this Purging Season is going for me. I hope you will join me and share your journey in the comments.

Let's rid ourselves of the old so that we can make room for the newness of 2023 TOGETHER!!

What are some things you'd like to purge in this season?

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